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Who are we? Whether there are 5 or 500 trucks in your fleet, work out of your own home or you have 20 offices throughout the country - even beyond - and struggle to get a grip on all the data circulating through your organization, the questions you are faced with on a daily basis aren’t unique. We want our customers to share in a large dose of field experience and help you realize a head start in your branch, allowing your company to head into the future with renewed confidence.
Applied experience The founders of Creative Gears S.P. have seen plenty of misery in the field of automation. As advisors, participants or project managers in a wide range of automation projects, with a heavy heart they’ve seen basic questions remain unanswered at the finish-line: Why doesn’t the software work (as expected)? Why does it take so long to connect? Why is the result of a software implementation or established communications so disappointing? After about 10 years of having closed projects on the same critical notes, they found it time to start a company with its own way of doing things in the area of system integration and data exchange: To supply software which can make generic data exchange possible and will provide the customer insight and control of its own data at all times. Based on this philosophy, in the Glass City Leerdam, development started on our core product: CG-Connect. Everyone is unique  Not to state the obvious, but building a standard solution, automatically raises a number of questions. The most important one for you, as a (future) customer, being: Can our project be helped using such a “standard solution”? Our answer: we will always adapt to your process. The starting point of CG-Connect is such, that it should be usable in any possible situations one can conceive. Each company has its own character and a unique approach to its core business processes gives it it’s right to exist. Where one party wants extreme control over data contents, the other just wants to know that the message came across in good order. In one case the data concerns containers, in another it concerns catering orders. The situation may require transfer of data within one’s own company, or to send data to one’s customers, a control room or to a central data platform. The principle is the same in every case, but the application should be recognizable for everyone in their own language. This keeps things simple.
Our M.O. Even considering that everyone wants something else and has unique properties and processes, itís still possible to handle our projects with a generic approach. About