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CG-Connect starts off with the premise, that all connections between

independent systems, on-board computers or other mobile systems must be configurable.

To make this a reality, we have encorporated the various techniques to exchange data in the

software itself. This eliminates the need for tailor-made development.

Connecting with CG-Connect Today, we can exchange data with the outside world, using all kinds of protocols and techniques. For example: We can have data delivered to us, or collect it, by way of files, the internet or direct database communication. And if we find a situation where we don’t know how to handle data with CG-Connect, the integration of the necessary techniques or protocols into our software will be done on our own dime. And we will always make any new techniques and configuration options available to all our customers.     Software and systems Here you will find a selection of software and mobile systems, which we’ve come across up until now and where we’ve either received or retracted data from and/or have sent data to using CG-Connect.