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Cross-section of implementations The diverse situations, in which CG-Connect has already provided a solution, all have one thing in common: CG-Connect manages the exchange of data in ways that were unattainable until the implementation of our software.
“Our software supplier has default communications with a different onboard computersystem than the one we think is best for our fleet.”
“Our customers email us attaching their orders in Excel files and we copy all the information into our TMS manually. Is there no other way?"
Backoffice <> Backoffice Backoffice <> OnBoard Computer MailService
“In order to test software updates we had to buy and install a completely separate system. This way we are sparing this significant expense."
“With the take-over we suddenly had 15 new trucks with a different onboard computersystem than the rest of the fleet.”
“I am on the road most of my day as well and can still    stay in touch with   my other drivers.”
Cases  Here we will outline a few practical applications. Should you want to know more about an example, or when you are looking for a relevant situation that isn’t described here, please contact us.