Process integration, aligning data streams and

streamlining information sources by way of flexible and

transparent data transfer? 

Think outside the box!

Simple is not easy

The same data manually re-entered in different places over and over again.

Information which has to be available in one application, but is dependent on information present in another or maybe even in several other systems. Due to mergers, take-overs or centralization, your company is confronted with different applications which in essence serve the same purpose, but do it slightly differently. Which system must go? Mobile systems used out on the road by your employees to collect data that you would like to see end up in the right place in the right application. Preferably without having to put someone at the office behind a keyboard. These are starting points on a path where many companies start off carefully, but often get stuck along the way on a diversity of questions which seem obvious, but whose answers can be harder to find than one initially thought.

Integrating all links in your business process is one step closer!

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