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Always an answer Despite the fact that we are a small company, or maybe because of it, it is important to us that you can reach us at any time. Not just by sending an email and waiting to see when you get a reply, but we will always answer your call. Even if it is just to let you know that we have received your question and will get back to you as soon as the answer is clear or that we are working on your problem.
TECHNICAL ADVICE Working with your data, stemming from different sources, we have to keep our focus on the different flows. This is why we often have a unique point of view on the dependencies between your systems. With changes in your infrastructure, we can often advise on or bring extra attention to technical issues which might otherwise have gone unnoticed.   TRAINING We arrange on-demand training for your application manager(s) on using our front-end for those who are interested and want to make full use of the possibilities.
Maintenance costs for content   Small changes in the configuration, e.g. due to enhanced insight, changes due to the version of a back office system, functional checks or extra workflow-handling are included in maintenance costs. Because of this, you’re not bound by the end result, even when the flow was initially delivered completely up to specification. When you purchase our software, maintenance cost also includes all patches and updates, including data conversions should they be necessary. More often than not, the moments of upgrading are unnoticeable, as we perform upgrades during quiet moments in your business process. This means that for many of our customers, these upgrades are done over the weekend or late at night without extra charge. Because we continuously keep your database up-to-date, the latest functionality will always be available to you.